September 11, 2017


Profile of the Centre for Public Sector Reforms (CPSR), Moi University, Kenya

The Center for Public Sector Reforms (CPSR) is a think tank of Moi University, Kenya, strategically positioned to offer first hand theoretical research; advocacy and capacity building, all geared to contribute towards boosting oversight and good governance of the public sector. It is the leading Centre for knowledge practice and development in the public sector. CPSR also offers Executive Education programs to public and private sector institutions as well as civil society to equip participants with dynamic and long lasting skills, which will help them meet the challenges of change.

Besides the training and capacity building mandate, CPSR has established itself as a major Centre for Research, Documentation and Dissemination that primarily examines the on-going public sector reforms within Kenya and the East Africa region. Further it intends to develop specialization in designing and conducting international executive short courses and workshops for clients and government officials. CPSR takes the reality of Governance in transition into consideration in all its skill-development, research and knowledge management activities

Our Philosophy

CPSR is premised on the belief that public policy must be informed by reliable data, objective analysis, and thoughtful debate. This is critical considering that the policy landscape in Africa is changing with calls for re-defining the role of the state in the development process, the drive for conflict resolution, improved management of core public policies, improving dialogue processes and performance and the contemporary drive towards the New Public Management. Under this new dispensation, CPSR is committed to playing a critical role in reviewing various public sector reforms that have hitherto been introduced into the public sector that include: ethical issues, accountability, partnerships, national cohesion and integration, decentralization, and regulation among others.

Vision- CPRS aspires to become a leading and respectable center of excellence on critical and strategic matters relating to good governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mission- The CPSR is committed to internationally competitive, academic and professional teaching, research and provision of services in the fields of planning, public policy, public finance, development management,

The Institute’s objectives are:

  • To conduct high quality research and policy analysis to inform evidence based policy making.
  • To undertake, organize and facilitate study courses, conferences and lectures and research in matters relating to public policy and the machinery of government.
  • To undertake and provide for the publication of journals and of research papers and books to impart training in and promote the study of public policy.
  • To build a forum for debate public policy in Africa.
  • Providing opportunities for discussion and debate; and
  • Improving analytical capacity and research skills in East Afica.

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