September 12, 2017


  • CPRS Workshop

    PSR organizes conferences/seminars/ workshops on contemporary themes and public policy issues with a view to bring together practicing administrators and academia to evolve policy inputs for good governance.

Specific services offered by CPSR

  • Strategic Management-strategic Plans, Facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Organizational Development-Team Building, Conflict Management, Facilitating Change Processes, Leadership Training, Process Consultation

  • Extractive Resources– Strategy, Policy & Legislation, Institutional Strengthening, Revenue Management, Communications and Communities, Transparency & Accountability, Environmental Sustainability, Economic Impact

  • Project Management-Carrying out Evaluation of Projects, Designing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, Feasibility Studies, Preparation of Business Plans, Valuation and Sale of Shares in Organizations, Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Social Research-Baseline Surveys

  • Human Resource Management-Design of Organization Structure, Preparation of Job Descriptions, Developing Scheme of Service, Job Evaluation, Salary Reviews/Surveys, Training Needs Assessment

  • Organizational Reforms/Restructuring-Organizational Re-design, Performance Management Plans, Human Resource Plans, Training and Development Plans, Modernization Plans, Change Management Plans

  • Financial Management-Financial Analysis, Budgeting, Preparation of Financial Statements, Designing accounting/Financial Management Systems, Training in Budgeting and Financial Management

  • Community Development Training-Participatory Rural Appraisal, Community Participation Assessment, Rights-Based Approach to Development, Mapping and Pro-Poor Programming

  • Monitoring and Evaluation-Our aim is to facilitate high quality learning and generate knowledge as to inform planned and on-going initiatives.

  • Research Activities– CPSR is involved in social science research work in Kenya together with its international and regional partners